Lindsay Lohan es libre, salió de rehab y se mudó cerca de su ex girlfriend Samantha Ronson. Tal como lo leen, Lindsay fue dejada en libertad, ok, le dieron el alta en el Betty Ford Center en Rancho Mirage, CA luego de completar los 90 dias de rehabiliatción y se mudó, nada más y nada menos,  que al lado de Sam Ronson. More Drama for Lilo?  Hay fotos de la mudanza de Lilo a Venice Beach aquí. Pero se dice, Dicen! que la libertad de Lindsay será corta por su altercado con la trabajadora del centro de rehab Betty Ford,  el cual la lleve a corte nuevamente por cargos de ataque, además de haber violado ciertos aspectos de su libertad condicional. Anyway Good Luck, y esperemos que Lilo se aleje de los problemas… Ha! Como yo de los chismes… LOL

Lindsay Lohan is a free woman, well she has been released from the Betty Ford Center in Rancho Mirage, CA and is moving in next door to her ex-girlfriend Samantha Ronson. There are some pictures of the moving trucks bringing boxes of her stuff from West Hollywood to her new Venice Beach digs. But it seems that Lilo maybe has to come back to court after her altercation with a Betty Ford staff worker, which is seems as a violation of probation.

[From OK!] Although her stay at the rehabilitation center is over for substance abuse, it appears Lindsay’s legal problems are simply mounting. According to CNN, Lindsay’s probation will officially end in August but it looks like she violated probation when she tussled with a staff member at the center. Authorities will escalate their investigation to the district attorney’s office to see if the Mean Girls star should face battery charges. The former staff member indicated she’s not going to cooperate with the investigation and doesn’t want charges filed.

Lindsay Lohan sale de rrehab y se muda cerca de Samantha Ronson

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