Jessica quiere advertirle a Jen Aniston sobre John Mayer

Se dice que Jessica Simpson quiere advertirle a Jennifer Aniston sobre John Mayer, porque es un mujeriego. Ok! Aparentemente Jessica no está celosa de que John salga con Aniston, como se ha comentado, si no que en realidad Simpson – quien ahora sale con Tony Romo – está preocupada. Jessica quiere advertirle a Jen en lo qué se está metiendo con John Mayer porque es un mujeriego, Jess no quiere que Aniston cometa los mismos errores que ella (awwww…) Hay allegados a Mayer que dicen que él siempre pasa tiempo con las chicas, y tal, pero luego se consigue otra. Mmmm… esperemos que eso no ocurra, o si? Jessica Simpson is trying to warn Jennifer Aniston to be careful with new man John Mayer, because he is a notorious ladies man. Jess, who is currently dating American football star Tony Romo, was said to be jealous that her ex-boyfriend Mayer is dating the Jen, but sources claim Jess Simpson is actually just concern. Jessica wants Jen to be aware of what she’s letting herself get into with John. She doesn’t want her to make the same mistakes. John is a ladies man. “He’ll spend every waking minute talking to someone and spending time with them and then move on to the next girl,” said a friend.

Jessica Simpson quiere advertir a Jen que John Mayer es un mujeriego 

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