Lindsay Lohan culpa a su paddre Michael Lohan de todos sus vicios. La actriz quien está en rehab en el Betty Ford Center finalmente ha llegado a la conclusión de que su padre fue el que hizo que ella terminará así tan mal. Según un testigo (que nunca faltan!) el que Lindsay cuando muy pequeña viese a su padre golpear a su madre y luego mudarse sola a Los Angeles sin ninguna supervisión, ha hecho que ella perdiera el control.  Esta persona agrega que Lindsay no ha podido superar este trauma, sin embargo,  su padre niega cualquier abuso físico. La actriz está recibiendo ayuda para superarlo y de igual manera sus problemas de drogas y alcoholismo.  Poor Lilo! Lindsay Lohan is blaming her dad for her messy life. The actress is at Betty Ford Center receiving help for drug and alcohol addictions According to a close source, Linds has finally realized that her dad Michael is the reason why she hit bottom. It’s so sad! Lilo needs to run away from them

Some of Lindsay’s friends and relatives tell us … LiLo is spending a lot of time talking to counselors about the path that led her to drug and alcohol addiction. And she’s convinced the nightmare of growing up in such a dysfunctional family has taken its toll.

Lindsay repeatedly talks about allegations Dina made in her divorce papers … that Michael abused her. Lindsay says she witnessed it firsthand, and it’s still tough to deal with. In particular, Lindsay claims she had to step in and protect her mother from Michael. Michael has denied allegations of physical abuse.

Our sources say Lindsay talks a lot about growing up with a dad who was periodically behind bars. Add to that — she moved out to L.A. at a very young age, with almost no parental supervision.

Lindsay Lohan culpa a su padre |LiLo: Dad, It's your fault|

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