Angelina Jolie declaró durante la fiesta de "Kung Fu Panda" que sus bebitas aparentemente no serán gemelas idénticas. Aunque Angelina Jolie durante su entrevista con Today show no quiso revelar el sexo de sus bebés, foxnews afirma que son niñas. Ange dijo que hay una linea en el ecosonograma que indica que sus 'hijas' no serán copias exactas la una de la otra. So,  las Brangelina babies serán mellizas, no gemelas. Awwwwwwwwwww... que una se parezca a Angie... y la otra también. Brangelina’s twin girls likely will be fraternal, not identical. Angelina Jolie told this at the Paramount Pictures/DreamWorks party for "Kung Fu Panda," in which she co-voices animated characters with Dustin Hoffman and Jack Black. It's funny because even when Ange didn't want to reveal the sex of her babies during Today Interview, foxnews claims they are baby girls. Ange said "there was a line" on the sonogram that indicates her daughters are not going to be perfect copies of each other. Cute!! Fraternal twins... awww I hope they look like Angie.

Los bebes de Brangelina no seran identicos 


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